This is a pretty cool gig and we’re always looking to possibly expand our team! Given today’s need for WFH and social distancing, we like to work remotely. Our team has excellent virtual collaboration tools, which we’ve been using internally and with our clients for years.

When the pandemic scare is over, we can meet at our beautiful South Main Memphis downtown office location. If you ever wanted to look out of your office’s window and see an inspiring and historic relic, our office is it. We overlook the National Civil Rights Museum and the Lorraine Motel!

But until then send us your resume below and maybe we’ll schedule a Zoom meeting to chat a little.

Working at Valeo Marketing

“Family” is an overused term when talking about workplace culture. We’ll tell you about our firm and let you decide if you want to call us your work family, your all-star team, or your best-self tribe.

No matter the label, we have each other’s backs and genuinely care about each other and our clients.

At Valeo, we work collaboratively, openly and honestly, and with immense pride in the difference we make for our clients. We take on challenges readily. We have the need for excellence coursing through our veins, through we understand the pursuit of perfection is the enemy of progress.

We strive to build the highest-performing trust-based team possible, working diligently together to foil any failure in the making.

What We Offer

At Valeo, our boutique-agency environment exudes a passion for client successes, positivity, and hard-earned fun.

We offer:

  • a competitive salary commensurate with experience
  • a generous paid-leave policy
  • a flexible work week to best facilitate your achievement of billable-hours goals and balance your personal interests
  • performance-based bonuses
  • financial contributions to an individual healthcare plan  

About Valeo Marketing

[vah-lay’-o] (Latin), v. to be powerful; to be effective; to prevail, succeed

Located just steps away from the Mighty Mississippi River in downtown Memphis’ thriving South Main neighborhood, we are a digital-marketing specialty shop working with both national and local clientele. Our client portfolio currently consists of nonprofit and educational organizations, restaurants, manufacturers, and real estate companies – and it is constantly evolving. Our boutique firm is 15 years old and it has been nothing short of a blast since the day we started. 

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